Healthcare Fulfillment Recruiter

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India


This position is no longer open.

Requisition Number: 1461

Position Title: ROS Recruiter

External Description:

role specification: 


Fulfilment Consultant Randstad UK


the position 

the Fulfilment Consultant is responsible for managing a select number of current clients with the primary aim to maximise market share within their temporary and permanent workforce 

Without the pressure of developing cold business, you will be expected to network the hiring community within these clients to ensure we attain all potential business opportunities of supplying a temporary workforce along with capturing any permanent opportunities these clients may require.  

you will be wholly responsible for developing and managing the candidate pools necessary to build a high quality service and offering to make us a no.1 supplier in all the accounts assigned. 

priorities for the role include:

acquisition and client management 

  • to use Activity Based Field Steering to drive performance and ensure KPIs are met and exceeded
  • to conduct market research, telemarketing, mailing activities and client visits in order to build and maintain a database of clients and prospects within the Randstad market approach
  • to undertake a thorough review of the clients‟ requirements to ensure a detailed understanding of their  specific needs to ensure client relationship maintained
  • to maximize margin on all bookings by adhering to Randstad‟s pricing policy, whilst remaining competitive in the local marketplace
  • to be proactive in taking steps to understand the competitor profile in own markets utilising this to gain  competitive edge and secure talent
  • maintain efficient administrative procedures utilising the Randstad front office ICT system
  • generate the expected management information
  • sourcing and candidate management
  • to utilize a variety of methods to source appropriate flex-workers/candidates and to carry out registration,  assessment of skills and referencing
  • to conduct canvass activities in already developed clients in order to find suitable assignments for newly  registered and/or newly available flex-workers/candidates
  • Provide advice to clients on salary levels, training requirements and career progression opportunities to  facilitate the fulfillment process
  • adapt too and consistently use technology to support business growth

team working  

  • to manage flex-workers/candidates by staying in regular contact whilst available, and on assignment or  during their probationary period for permanent appointments
  • participate in Branch and Area meetings, take best practice principles and apply them drive results for own desk
  • ensure effective communication at all levels internally and externally


administration and reporting 


  • maintain efficient administrative procedures utilising the Randstad front office ICT system. Execute all aspect of administrative tasks relating to the client/candidates 
  • ensuring the efficient execution of all core processes within the branch in line with company policy and in  compliance with latest legislation, providing an excellent service to external clients and candidates. Generate the expected management information  
  • to undertake any other tasks, deemed to be appropriate to this role, as directed by a member of  Management
  • comply with company policies and procedures including business principles, misconduct reporting  procedure and competition law compliance policy to meet Randstad‟s expectations concerning professional  conduct

effective (ideal) fulfilment consultant 

operate as an ambassador of Randstad and provide a true consultative service. The successful role holder  will be open to learning the fulfillment process and will work closely with either the Team / Business Manager  and colleagues within the team to achieve results

the ideal fulfillment consultant will take a proactive approach to developing their desk and developing market  share in already developed business

they will operate as a consultant working closely with candidates and clients to deliver an excellent service  that delights each time

they will build and maintain effective relationships both internally and externally in the interests of the  business and their desk


candidate profile 


customer focused 

  • get close to our business through our inquisitive nature so that we can fully understand the culture and requirements  of our clients enabling us to source quality candidates, resulting in added-value and credibility with internal clients Do what we say we are going to do and always adhere to agreed timelines, SLAs and promises – in this way we build  
  • trust and become the only point of contact for our customers (both internal clients and candidates). Knowledgeable about our candidate market but see the bigger picture – we understand our own organisation, our  clients and our candidates
  • personable, professional and respond efficiently in our dealings with our candidates and internal clients. Deliver against our promises 


Feedback, expertise, business partner (trusted advisor), regular communication, add value, win/win, building  knowledge/deep understanding, inquisitive, pace & urgency, network, credible, quality, pride. 

attention to detail 

  • make logical, rational, well-reasoned and objective judgements based on having probed and questioned thoroughly to  check the completeness and reliability of information
  • ensure a range of possibilities are ex and analysed before reaching a solution
  • record accurate and up to date information on candidate database to ensure quality of output. Check the quality and accuracy of all written communication 
  • ensure quality assurance and compliance procedures are in place and adhered to 


solution, challenging, analysing, identifying, logical, objective, methodical, accuracy, quality, follow through, taking  responsibility 

drive and motivation 

  • don‟t give up easily in our quest to exceed targets 
  • seek out and maximise every opportunity available to find the right person for the job brief Bounce back quickly from disappointment and difficulties, remaining calm and in control while demonstrating high  levels of resilience. 
  • actively look to increase our knowledge 
  • drive the high performance culture ethos; we are motivated by and contribute to this environment. 


(Drive) Desire, stimulated, continuous improvement, goal-setting, wanting to win (Motivation) Self-starter, fun, self motivated, energy, determination, celebrate success, knowledgeable 

proactive approach 

  • Seek to achieve excellence as standard and take personal pride in what we do. 
  • Take personal responsibility for achieving our own work objectives, making sure it is right first time. Seek out new opportunities to attract candidates 
  • Respond promptly to all forms of communication 
  • Proactively concentrate on key tasks to achieve business goals 
  • Keen to research and understand how our competitors are transacting and what services they are offering clients and  candidates, in order to create our own unique offering


Efficient (on the ball), planning/organising, going the extra mile, excellence as standard, initiative, versatility,  balance/awareness, flexibility/adapting to change, intelligent awareness, true facts/not assumed


achievement orientation 

  • Focused on creating a high performance culture and are motivated by success and results which we take personal  responsibility fo
  • Have a real passion for filling every requirement, to build our knowledge and experience which creates a positive and  confident approach to business. 
  • Treat our own targets as personal commitments, putting in extra effort as standard all of the time and clarifying our  own understanding of required outcomes. 
  • Ambitious to be successful, seeing things through to completion and seeking and acting on feedback to improve our  own performance, increase our knowledge and self-confidence. 


achievement, results, success, ambitious, passion, partner, desire, competitive, knowledgeable, improving business, pride,  stretching, going the extra mile is the norm, “what‟s my extra 1% today?” 

working together 

  • Listen to and understand our candidates, acting upon what they say to create a win/win outcome Receptive to new ideas and ways of working and do not judge others
  • See it as our responsibility to pass leads to other Randstad operations, building trust and a strong internal network. Are committed to learn more about our own portfolio of specialist products and services


Receptive, non-judgemental, consultative, collaborative, network, challenge, trust our colleagues 


  • Always conduct ourselves with integrity being straight-talking and transparent at all times e.g. we are not afraid to  give honest, constructive and diplomatic advice to our candidates, even if it means challenging or saying no Have an open and honest approach to business and will always deliver on promises against agreed timescales and  requirements 
  • Promote and act at all times, internally and externally, on Randstad‟s Group core values of „to know, to serve and to  “trust‟, the simultaneous promotion of all interests‟ and “striving for perfection‟. We ensure that others in the team do  the same and do not accept violations of the core values 
  • Act consistently in a manner that is clearly identifiable with what the brand stands for and what it means to be the  market leader in terms of quality. We protect the image and awareness of the brand in the market Do not just “talk the talk‟ but “walk the talk‟


Deliver on promises, realistic, honesty (including difficult conversations), straight-talking, integrity, respect, consultative,  challenging, builds trust, push back, open 

language skills 


reporting relationship 

Team Manager or Business Manager 




Community / Marketing Title: Healthcare Fulfillment Recruiter

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